Middle School

Our comprehensive K - 8 program, aligned to the Arizona Content Standards, is designed to provide a well-rounded education with a strong emphasis on reading, writing, and mathematics. We believe in nurturing the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of our students through an integrated approach to learning incorporating a diverse range of subjects and activities.

Additionally, our curriculum incorporates reading, writing, and mathematics into other subjects, allowing students to make connections and deepen their understanding. For example, in social studies, students may read historical fiction books, analyze primary sources, and use mathematical skills to interpret data. Similarly, in science, they may explore scientific texts, conduct experiments, and apply math concepts to solve problems.

Flex Learning

Algebra I is a rigorous, high school equivalent course, introducing students to variables, algebraic expressions, inequalities, functions, and all their multiple representations. While learning about operations, using equations, and discovering hidden patterns in numbers, students develop their ability to transfer concrete mathematical information to more abstract generalizations applicable to real-life situations. By practicing their skills, students grow confident in exploring algebraic problems and applying their new-found knowledge to solve real-world problems.

By the end of this course, students possess a strong foundation in algebra and the mathematical literacy to communicate mathematical ideas clearly, preparing them to successfully tackle more advanced concepts in high school mathematics courses.

Meet our Middle School Team

Jenelle Rankin
5th-6th Grade Science Teacher

Tyler Knowles
5th-6th Grade
Social Studies  Teacher

Rachel Pacheco
7th-8th Grade
Math & Social Studies Teacher

Dena Harmon 
7th-8th Grade
ELA  & Science Teacher

Ali Roeschley 
5th-6th Grade ELA Teacher

Cortney Bullen
5th-6th Grade Math Teacher

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