Physical Education

Curriculum in P.E. has a different focus for early elementary, upper elementary, and middle school. Our youngest students will work on basic movement patterns, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and the foundations of teamwork and fair play. As they get older, the class will focus on perfecting skills from the younger grades while branching into team sports. Our oldest students take P.E. elective courses. These are offered quarterly and are advanced P.E. classes that might center around strength and conditioning, advanced team sports, overall health and wellness, and the like.


Art is highly stimulating for all ages. Our school utilizes a hands-on and rich art curriculum taught by a certified and very talented teacher. Students are introduced to art techniques and projects that reflect world cultures, art appreciation as well as a unique blend of aesthetic mediums. Art appreciation and exploration of materials and self-expression are highlights of this exemplary class for K-8 students.


Students will learn fundamental operations and concepts, use technology tools to enhance learning, and increase productivity and creativity. Regular lessons in digital citizenship and cross-curricular activities to enhance classroom-based instruction are important aspects. K-4th grade classes have computers in the classrooms, middle school students are 1:1 with Chromebook, and all classrooms have SMART Boards.


Exposure to a second language is an opportunity for students to learn how to learn a second language. Conversational language, understanding spoken language, simple vocabulary to both read and write, and cultural studies are important aspects of the program. Older students are also taught grammar and language literacy. Our Spanish classes are taught using games, songs, visual aids, presentations, hands-on projects, online activities, and textbooks (for older students).


In the Library, students learn to review and collect information from different resources. Attention is focused on promoting literacy projects and events to encourage all students to become lifelong learners and readers. The Library space is used for collaboration and private study, as well as information in all formats.

Meet our Specials Team

Andrew Whitus
P.E. Teacher

Terra Ahles
Technology Teacher  

Pam Feather

Meliza Jinesta
Spanish Teacher  

Music Teacher  

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